Sunday, 2 December 2012

Space to dream…

Hi beauties,

So here it is… my first blog post! I’ve been an avid reader of beauty blogs for quite some time now, and this has long been a dream of mine to start my own!

For me, reading blogs gives that sense of a community, an escape and a place to dream. Since graduating a few years ago, I’ve been fortunate to work in marketing, which I do really enjoy. The thing I feel is missing, however, is that sense of creativity. The space to dream.

I’m an aspiring make up artist, and I’m hoping that by experimenting and learning new skills through blogging, I’ll fulfil my ambition to one day become a professional. It’s a long and dedicated process, and I’d like to take you all on the ride with me! So for now, expect reviews, pretty pictures and the odd rambling about my little kitty, Richy.

Bye for now,


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