Sunday, 9 December 2012

Meet Richy!

Hi beauties,

So I sure have the Sunday evening blues... does it really have to be Monday tomorrow?! Well, I thought to cheer us all up (or maybe just me, as I'm crazy about kitties) I'd formally introduce you to Richy aka Richard. He's my beautiful little kitty... and as all parents know, we all think ours are the most beautiful 'children' in the world :)

As a child who was never allowed a pet, as soon as myself and my husband Thomas bought our first home last year, we were straight to our local animal sanctuary to meet all the little kittens. There were so many cats there - I really wished I could have taken them all home! The reason I wanted to get a kitten, was to experience them growing up... I'll never forget the first time he saw snow, it was sooo cute!

The pics above are from when he was little right up to today. He loves nothing more than snuggling up somewhere warm. He's my little companion and I love him to bits!

Any one else as crazy about cats like me?



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