Wednesday, 4 September 2013

20 Facts About Me

Hi beauties,

As most of my posts are beauty related, I thought it would be a nice change for you all to get to know me a bit better. And if I'm honest, I love reading these kinds of posts so here it goes - 20 Facts About Me (they are all quite random!):

1. I'm a vegetarian
2. I don't have any cousins - I have quite a small family and so does my husband. We're keen not to follow this trend :)
3. My biggest fear is flying but I'm trying not to let it stop me from travelling. Up until the age of 20 I had no problem at all, but over the last 5 years it's got progressively worse. The thought of getting on a plane again gives me heart palpitations.
4. I never had any pets when growing up.
5. I have a cat called Richard. He's two.
6. I wish I had blonde hair.
7. I don't like fruit but will try and eat an apple a day.
8. My favourite food is pizza.
9. I do not watch scary movies - thrillers are the furthest I'll go.
10. Sometimes my nerves get the better of me.
11. I like to bake - I wish I was better at it.
12. When I was 10 I was shortlisted for a competition to design the 1st birthday cake for my local Sainsbury's. I didn't win but got to have a tour and free doughnuts.
13. My mum calls me her little dumpling.
14. I still have my blanket from when I was a baby.
15. I LOVE salted popcorn.
16. I hate the taste of wine.
17. I wish I could do make up everyday.
18. I truly believe that if you want something in life you should go for it.
19. My happy place is by the beach - Bournemouth to be precise as this is where my husband proposed.
20. I want to help people and spread some happiness.

Leave a link if you've written a post like this as I'd love to check it out. Also, any post requests are always welcome.

Lots of love,

Samantha xo


  1. Lovely post :) I hate the taste of wine too haha
    Meg xx (new follower)

    1. Thanks Meg! Just checked out your blog - it's so lovely! xx

  2. I enjoyed reading this! I am absolutely terrified of flying as well, in fact it has gotten worse for me too! I hate airplanes but i know i will have to get over it, especially if i want to go to France. I also think it's darling you kept your baby blanket. :)

    xoxo Mia, your latest follower!

    1. Thanks so much Mia! The fear of flying can be so awful. It's good to have a goal - I'd love to go to France too! Keep me posted on how you get on trying to overcome it, I have every faith that you can do it! Hehe, my dad thought I'd have a section of my blanket sewn on the inside of my wedding dress... but there was no way I could cut up my blanket :o) It's the little things in life xx


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